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Question on the Commander Pro Link


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Hi everyone,


I have a question on the commander pro that is to be in conjunction with the corsair link software before my purchase.


Below is my current cooling build, how am i going to sync all of the below together ?


Do i just buy a commander pro and connect everything together?


Anyone tried this before ?


Current Build:


Corsair Crystal 460x RGB Case ( Comes with 3 x SP120 Fans)

3 x Corsair LL120 fans with Lighting Node PRO

4 x Corsair Vengeance LPX LED 8GB Ram

1 x CORSAIR LED Strip with Lighting Node PRO


Thanks in advance.

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Question: Are you replacing the SP120 fans that come with the case? Or augmenting them with the LL fans?


Commander Pro would be optional but it would allow you to control the case fan speeds and provide 2 additional internal USB ports. If you are adding to the SP120 fans that come with the case, you'll need 2 Lighting Node Pros (NoPro) for 2 Fan Hubs (1 for the LL Fans and 1 for the SP Fans) and the strips. If you are replacing the SP120 fans, you'll only need 1 NoPro (1 Fan Hub + 4 strips).


Check out the FAQ that's linked in my signature; you'll see diagrams that can help you understand the setup.

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