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VOID PRO USB mic disconnecting via Discord App


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Hi Everyone,


Just bought my first set of Corsair VOID PRO USB headset and I am really enjoying them so far.


However, if I cannot fix this issue I may need to return them.


While using the Discord desktop app in a voice chat room I occasionally need to disconnect from the voice chat because either one of these two issues occur.


1. I will notice that no one is talking to me when I speak and the talking indicator is not lighting up when I talk. No my friends are not ignoring me ;)




2. I no longer hear anyone talking AND above issue happens.


To quickly resolve this I simply go into my Discord chat and disconnect, reconnect and after everything works normally for a bit.


I noticed the caption of the site I bought these from specifically stated "Discord Certified - 50mm Drivers".


I am running 2.22.83 CUE and firmware 0.01 on headset.


Thanks for any information.

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First thing would be to double check the headset is set to your default Playback and Recording device for Windows and Discord. You can check for windows by right clicking on the speaker on your system tray. Both should have a green check mark next to them, not a telephone. Discord will be under settings -> Video & Audio. I'd also try push to talk and see if you have the same issue.
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Hi Nick,


Thanks so much for the reply. I have confirmed that my headset is set as default device in Recording and Playback. I have also confirmed that my headset is selected in the Video & Audio settings.


I am wondering if it could be my antivirus? I know that's always something to check.


Does Corsair have an exclusion list to put into AV clients?


I do not use push to talk but will try that while I continue to troubleshoot.


Thanks again!

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