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Stalling fans @ weird max RPM readings


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I recently replaced a dead Commander Mini with a Commander Pro.


One thing I noticed is that one of my PWM fans will stall out. The fan sounds terrible when it does this - as if it mere missing a blade and was running unbalanced. I can typically solve this by setting the fan speed to 0, or to 100%. Or I can restart my PC. It's mate (another 180mm PWM fan) can operate just fine with the same fan curve. The curves are based on water temperature, and so the fan isn't asked to change it's speed very often. The demand is typically about a 55% duty cycle, or 500rpm out of a max 950.


The other thing I noticed is that this fan, it's mate, and another (a 200mm 3 pin fan) also start reporting obviously incorrect max rpm speeds in the commander software - like 9 - 22k. All of the affected fans are behind radiators. Closing and re-opening corsair link will fix this.


General case fans don't seem to be impacted at all. I also have PWM pump that is being controlled by the Corsair Pro, and that doesn't give me trouble either.


Both firmware and software is current.


Any thoughts?

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Hi buddy... have you tried the fans in question on a different fan header on the Co Pro. (Commander .Pro)?.. just trying to cancel out it being a fault unit..


Although .. It does seem this is a software issue... what other monitoring software might you be running if any?

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