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how do i control my hd120


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What is in the USB port? The RGB Fan Hub doesn't have a USB connector.


With the HD fan, you have two wires. One is a standard 4-pin connector for fan power and control. The other is a 4-pin connector for RGB control.


The connector for power and control can be plugged in to the Commander Pro (CoPro). This will allow you to control the fan speed.


The connector for RGB should be plugged in to a RGB Fan Hub. The RGB Fan Hub (F-Hub) should then be connected to one of the LED ports on the CoPro. This is a 3-pin wire with only two wires; it should have come with the CoPro. The F-Hub comes with the multi-packs of the HD fans and, if I recall correctly, there is an option to buy a single fan with the F-Hub.


Take a look at the Corsair RGB FAQ that's linked in my signature. It has diagrams and pictures of all of the relevant components. There are a lot of pieces and it can be a little confusing (and intimidating) when you first get started; hence the FAQ.

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