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First Custom PC Case Build

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Hello, first I want to say that everyone on these forums has been awesome despite the fact that I have not posted anything until now. I have been using information from these posts for years. That being said, I am a huge Corsair fanboy and am currently embarking on my very first completely custom case build. I am calling it my fanboy case and would love to get some suggestions around some of the work I am looking to do.


First, I am not great with CAD so the renderings may not be perfect, they are heading in the general direction.


Second, the Corsair Logo and Brand Name both are copyrights/trademarks that belong to Corsair Components, Inc. and this design is 100% for my own use and not for commercial sale what-so-ever. My intentions are not to use them for my benefit, but just to show off how much I enjoy their products.


Case 1 Picture - A rear right side quarter shot. The goal is for me to be able to wrap the logo with addressable Corsair Link LEDs and have the whole thing lightup. My questions here are if anyone has had experience using the Corsair LEDs with a frosted or etched glass and which would work better and have the best color coverage?


Case 2 Picture - A left side rear shot that shows how I would like to mount some tempered glass on that side of the case. It also shows that I am going to try and anodize blue the motherboard tray. My question here is about whether I should be using real tempered glass or some kind of acrylic? Which one is easier to work with in general?


Case 3 Picture - A front left shot that shows the large area on the front for air intake. There is also one on the top. The question I have is about the best way to keep as much airflow as possible here, meaning should I leave these spaces completely open and just put a dust filter over the areas or should I be using a type of mesh or hole system to cover the gaps.


Once again, thank you for all your help over the years and hopefully you can help me again.




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Nice ideas! Are you planning this from an existing case, or are you making all the panels?


For the window: With acrylic, you can do it yourself if you have the tools, so it would be cheaper. Cut on a table saw, polish edges, and drill holes with a drill press. The bad thing is it isn't as clear and scratches. With glass you'd realistically have to take it to a local glass shop to have it done. Which really wouldn't be that expensive, based on a beveled mirror I had done recently.

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I am having the panels cut individually and then will assemble all together with a structural epoxy. The metal shop by me recommended that I use 3 mm aluminum for all the panels. The question I have now is will that be enough to hold everything.


He also asked me to update my panels with the exact holes I need made so that he can simple load them into the cutting machine. I will have some panel designs finished in a couple of hours and will post.


As for the window, I will be using a real glass. It will be very heavy and may cause me to have to modify the support structure.

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It took a little longer than I hoped to get it done but I have updated the CAD files to be much more detailed regarding the actual hole patterns and everything. The only piece that is currently missing is the I/O stuff on the back. I just ordered an I/O panel from a supplier and will update the CAD files when it arrives and I have decent measurements.


The remainder of the pieces have been put into a .dxf file and sent to the metal shop for cutting. I am really looking forward to putting it together as the pieces arrive.


Items on my too do list are as follows:


1. Design a unique HDD Cage for 2 - 2TB Hitachi Drives that I have.

2. Design a stealth mounting spot for my 3 SSD's.

3. Locate a decent set of feet for the Case that will not detract from the overall design.

4. Find a material like the rubber grommets in existing cases to fill my wire holes for a better look.


I think that is it so far. I will likely add more to this as I make more progress.





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At this point I have added a nice HDD Rack with cooling system and access to the wire section of the case. It is going to be a slide in type rack that will simply slide into the box on the MB tray piece. There is enough room for 4 HDDs and I will likely put all of my drives in there with a couple of 2.5" Corsair adapters.


I am really liking this so far. The everything has been sent to the metal workshop at this point except for that back panel that still needs some work.


At this point my shopping list is:


9 - Corsair 140 mm LL Fans (for their RGB Goodness)

1 - Corsair RM850i

1 - Corsair Commander Pro for controlling everything

3 - Corsair RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kits


I am really looking forward to this. I will do this in steps so it may be a little bit until the finished product is ready for viewing. However, i will keep posting updates as we go.


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So far I have received a few pieces of the puzzle including my I/O panel which has allowed me to finish my rear panel design and contract out the cutting.


I have been told a couple of weeks for the cutting and build and about $450 which is much less than I thought it was going to be. This includes MIG welding the entire thing together and installing the flip up hidden hinges that will be on the right side of the case.


I have ordered the tempered glass for $39 but that is because I am leaving the edges just softened. For $98 I could get it rounded. The last thing I am trying to establish is which Acrylite LED to use. Diffuse, or edge lit?


My thinking is that with the diffuse version I will need less LEDs for but it may look a little funky with the rainbow patterns. I have requested some samples from Acrylite for a test and will post pictures when they arrive.

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I now have the hard drive cage, two Corsair Dual SSD Adapters, Edge Lit ACRYLITE LED for both the PSU logo and the large door panel logo, 2 custom 1m RGB LED strips that work with the Corsair Link, a Corsair Commander Pro, front panel connections, and the power and reset buttons.


The fabricator in Pleasant Prairie, WI that I am using has been booked up for a couple weeks with much more lucrative jobs, so I cannot blame him for completing those first. He said hopefully this weekend all the panels will be finished being cut and we can start welding them together. He has also designed some internal hinges for the door on the right side of the case that will allow the entire side to flip up for wiring access.


I like his thought on this so I am thinking of putting in some kind of strut to hold it open and do a soft close. I will have to look at that more as we move forward.


I am hoping to get some pictures of panels this weekend to post.

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I have had major set backs in this build. Panels were cut wrong with rounded edges and all sorts of other things. However, I did make an attempt at engraving the acrylic with the images that will be lit up in my case.


Needless to say I have decided to pay someone to do this for me with a laser cutter, but it was fun to try and looks okay lit up.



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Well rschissler was absolutely right about me getting my measurements wrong. I received all of my laser cut pieces today and it is honestly like the translation from my CAD drawing to the cutter just did not go right. The fan holes are big, along with the 3.5" area for front panel audio and USB 3.0 ports. The Blu-Ray drive area is about 1 mm too small in both directions and the power button cut outs are too small for the supposed perfect fit switches.


I really wanted to do this and had picked up all new hardware to put into it.

-Asus Z370-E

-i7 8700K

-16GB Corsair RGB

-4 x Corsair SSD

-(mid range yes, but what I could get) XFX RX 570


I am in the process of redesigning the front panel to better match my hardware again. However, I couldn't wait to play with the new hardware so it was installed in my 540 tonight.

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