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Multiple spam macro in CUE 2.22


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Hello everyone,


After drowning my K70 RGB in orange juice, I purchased a K95 Platinum for good mesure.


I was using the previous version of CUE with my K70, but it is not usable with my K95 as the device is not detected.


So I decided to set up the same macros I had for my K70 in the new software : 4 toggle macros to spam 1/2/3/4 in Diablo III each assigned to a different F key so I can chose which key I want to spam (eg : I could press F9 to spam 1 and F11 to spam 3).


With the previous version, I was able to toggle all four macros at the same time.

But in the new version, I'm only able to activate one at the time. When I toggle a macro while another one is running, the new one cancels the other. So I'm not able to spam multiple abilities as I was previously able to.


I know I can work around that by combining keys in the macro, but i'd rather be able to make it work as it used to.


Is there a possibility to make this work, or how can I go back to using the previous version of CUE?


Thank you.


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