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CUE doesnt recognize my devices even though they work


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So all of my devices are working just fine. BUT! they arent synced on their profiles. So i go into the program and nothing is recognized. Mouse, keyboard, mousepad and headset. Nothing. But they are all powered on and blinking, but just not to how i had them set up. My headphones are not working in Dolby because its not recognized and mouse DPI settings arent there either.


So, i will go into add and remove program. Type in CUE, and repair it. Finish the repair and it asks me to restart now or later. If i do now, computer restarts and nothing is recognized still. If i do it again and do it later....Its all recognized. What the heck!!?? Does anyone know of any solution to this? Ive tried USB 2.0, 3.0 doesnt make a difference.

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