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Strafe RGB random serious input lag

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So I just had a random problem with my Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent on Win10, I was in the middle of playing a game when all of a sudden my keyboard experienced SERIOUS input lag. I used a keyboard poling tool and the rates were eveyrwhere from 1202ms all the way up to 112410ms (rendering it completely impossible to play an online shooter game). Compare that to what it is when it's normal, aroound 50-200ms and that's a HUGE delay. Seriously huge. I have not had any updates or changes to my hardware, OS, drivers, or anything like that recently so I'm not sure what caused this.


To try and fix it, I did the following:


1 - Made sure shiftkeys / stickey keys or whatever it's called in the Access settings is turned is completely disabled and wasn't accidently turned on (it was not)


2 - Moved around the keyboard to different USB ports to see if it was a port issue


3 - Unplugged everything but the mouse and keyboard to ensure there was enough power to the keyboard


4 - Checked the device manager for errors (none) & the task manager for any problematic programs (none)


5 - Updated CUE software and force updated my keyboard firmware


6 - Searched online for people with the same problems... no avail


7 - Closed and exited CUE software completely


8 - Reset my computer


The input lag was STILL happening, after all of this. Everything I tried and nothing worked. I was starting to lose my mind cause all I wanted to do was play a game and I couldn't play any game with this much input lag. But I DID find a fix... but it seems like a bandaid as I'm scared it's going to happen again in the middle of a game or another random inconvenient time. What I did was go into the CUE software, changed the polling rate from 1000hz to 500hz and it fixed it. I was then able to change it back to 1000hz again and it seems the lag is still gone. So, is this a problem with the CUE software? I believe it is because I tried everything else related to hardware, my computer itself, and other software and my OS and NONE of it worked. The only thing that worked was changing settings in CUE...


So to whom it may concern, please look into this if you can. Thanks in advance!


edit: Update on 2/12/18: the problem seems to have gone away, I am not sure what fixed it, but it hasn't happened recently.

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Problem went away on it's own
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Does that hardware have a hardware polling rate switch at the top?


Just curious because I don’t have that specific kB.


That is a bummer I’m sorry to hear that and I’m sure everybody else is too.


I play shooters all the time (reflex in particular when I am up to it) usually get myself handed to me but delay is just not acceptable that’s half the reason we all bought mechanical keyboards.


If cue wasn’t running when you were playing the game do you get the same results?


Do you have Steam installed and do you have a Steam controller or steam controller Dongal installed ? AnY of that streaming type stuff like Nvidia GeForce or some amd ati or fraps alternative? Also do you have the Xbox live streaming app installed in windows 10?


Your diagnosis methods were certainly a good start; you even included things I wouldn’t have thought of like sticky keys.


Can you share the keyboard polling tool method that you’ve used ?

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Thanks for the response hastegag, it's nice to see active forum users trying to help each other! I really do appreciate that a lot


I looked around all sides of my keyboard and do not see a polling switch anywhere. I tried Googling if there is one for the Strafe RGB and I am not sure if there is. One site said there is a switch hidden underneath the fold out legs but I just checked and don't see any switch.


When I closed CUE, the lag was still happening. This might lead some to believe the problem was not with CUE, but I tried everything outside of CUE to fix it and the only thing that did fix it was a setting inside CUE so I am wondering if CUE was the culprit.


Yes I have Steam, no controllers or dongles. As previously mentioned I removed all my USB devices minus my mouse and keyboard (oh and my headset too, but they are all Corsair). No streaming stuff going on either.


Here is the site I used to check my polling rates (edit: correction, *scan rates not polling rates... not sure what difference that is, but it still was a good way to get actual numbers related to the delay happening): http://blog.seethis.link/scan-rate-estimator/


(Scan rates at time of this post are from 26ms - around 300ms, averaging 150 which is not bad at all... way better than 10,000ms+)


It looks like today when I started my computer it didn't have lag when I first got on, then within about a minute I started getting input lag. This time it went away on it's own though. So weird!

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