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Quick Question about Commander Pro


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So my planned build is the 570x Mirror Black. I have the H150i Pro setup with standard ML120s facing the inside of the case and ML120 Pro RGBs facing the front outside (Soon going to get ML120 Pros for the inside too). I have 2 ML120 RGBs on the top exhaust and on the rear exhaust I have my gpu rad with another ML120 Pro RGB. I have purchased the Commander Pro and my ML120s Came with 2 Lightning Node Pros (I’ll get one more when I buy my set of ML Pros for the H150i internal side.


I have heard that jamming all your fans into one fan header on the Mobo will Short it out and then I’d be left with one header I believe. My main goal is to be able to control all my fans through Corsair Link so I can control patterns and speeds.


Does anyone know how I’d connect about 9 RGB fans to the Commander Pro? Does having 6 fans on one hydro series rad allow them to fit in one slot of the Commander Pro, or do I need to connect each one individually? Is there any detailed vids on setting up case fans with the Commander Pro? Can I have the fans on each side of a rad to link up (top fans light up at the same time, then middle and bottom)?


My Gpu is the Corsair Hydro Series one so idk if the rad connects to the C pro like other hydro series rads.



I partly answered my own question. So I’d attach my fan LEDs to the lightning Node Pro and then attach the lightning Node Pro to the LED slot in the Commander Pro right? Then would the Led slots from the LNP in red slot 1 be 1-6 in the order and the LNP in slot 2 have the 7-12 led slots. So much stuff and I’m sure I’d be able to figure it out better if I had all my stuff here and were doing it hands on.

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Could I customize the way I’d like the fans to be ordered through Corsair Link? Or is that something that really has to be done with the numbered slot? Also there are only 6 fan power slots on the Commander Pro so would I need 2 of them to run more than 6 fans?


You can rename the fans in Link but not reorder them.


And yes, you have 6 slots but you can use splitters. Just keep in mind the 1A limit per header and 4.5A limit overall. I current have 8 fans connected to my CoPro ... on 4 slots, so splitters all around.


Also, I really would encourage you to go to the RGB FAQ linked in my signature. It will provide you with TONS of detail as well as diagrams.

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