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460x and mobos


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I want to buy the Corsair 460x but am concerned that my Asus maximus x (an atx board) will not fit. The case is advertised as ATX compatible but in the specs on the website it says the maximum mobo size is 272mm. That is not ATX size. Has anyone mounted such a mobo in one of these cases?


Also, while I'm at it: The website suggests it comes with a PSU shoud, but most pictures show the case without it, and some people complain they don't have one. So, can someone please clarify this?


I wish Corsair could be clearer about specifications. And I am grateful to anyone who can advise.....



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I’m not entirely sure about the exact mobo specs so I’ll leave that answer for an expert.


As for the PSU shroud, the 460x comes with a 2-part shroud that covers the PSU and HDD tray (although the HDD tray can protrude out of the shroud if it’s placed in the extended position). I believe your confusion about “some people complain with they don’t have one” may come from the fact that the 570x case, the larger crystal series model, has a smaller PSU shroud that has no end to it (cables are exposed) and a shroud cap can be purchased separately. However, the 460x does come with a good PSU shroud.

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