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RM450 Analog Corsair Link Temperature Setting


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I just acquired a Corsair RM450 (the product is discontinued, but I got it new from someone that had it sitting on their shelf for years). It has a link cable, but its an analog connection, so the cable splits with half connecting to a fan header and the other half a temperature probe. In the old Link 3.x you could change the Temperature probe to a Load option so you could monitor the power load. Was that dropped in Link 4.x? I can see the temp readout, but there's no option to change the sensor type, even though the window says "type: temperature" when I double click on it.


If that has been dropped, if I buy the analog to USB header digital adapter (still available for $10) would that work with Link 4.x? Or is monitoring the loading condition on the RM450 a lost cause?

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