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New PC fans are Really Loud


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Hi All


Im new to desktop PCs but have a decent grasp of knowledge on things.


I have just replaced my stock fans with ML120 PRO LED Blue 120mm PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fans.


When in use the fans seem to be going at there full speed wether at idle or playing games. This is quite alot louder than the stock fans that were almost silent even when under high stress.


The product information says:

Extensive Control Range.

A 2,000 RPM PWM control range gives you total control between low noise and absolute performance


I dont know how to get the fan speeds to basically follow along with the temperature trend (ie. fan speed goes up when pc temp goes up) which is what I assumed happened automatically.


Hopefully im being dumb and this is an easy fix.


Cheers in advance.

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Hi buddy.. where do you have the fans plugged in?


If its into the motherboard fan headers then it would seem you can either set up fan curves in bios or via the 'Fan Xpert 4' app for your motherboard.


you need to tell the fans what speed you want them to be at a given temp..



this may help??



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It sounds like you have them either plugged into a 3-pin fan header or a 4-pin fan header that's in DC control mode. The ML series fans are PWM controllable ONLY. They cannot be controlled via DC control mode which works by altering voltage.

The Asus fan control software has a detection routine. If you ran this for the older fans, which were likely DC control, then you should run it again and see if it picks them up as PWM fans.

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