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H115i Radiator Issue


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Hi! I'm ITZSIRVINCENT from Kingsmen Empire, A Content Creator & a Social Influencer from Malaysia, I love to address that my H115i Radiator stopped pumping just a few days ago. Which usually I will hear the water pumps whenever i start up my PC.


I've double check everything and only the fan speeds with ZERO RPM on the pumps as image showed above. Please kindly advise me. I believe I still have 2 years of warranty for my CPU Cooler.


Is there a fix to this? :[pouts::[pouts::[pouts:

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Check the SATA power line to the H115i. If you still have pump lights and fan speeds, this is not likely the problem.


If the lights and fans are running, it appears the pump has failed. Contact Corsair Tech Support from the link at the top of this page to find out the RMA procedure for your area. Be careful running this PC until a replacement is installed. With no pump action at all, you can overheat in 20 seconds or less. It is not advisable to operate the PC when the baseline coolant temp is near the 75C you see now.

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