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Cannot boot from7 out of 8 Voyager Flash 3.0 32GB usb drives


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I recently purchased 8 new Corsair Flash Voyager 3.0 USB thumb drives.


First I formatted all 8 drives as NTFS with the default settings and name. Then I copied over the contents of a bootable thumb drive I already posessed which contained a Windows 10 image.


I performed the same actions on all 8 drives yet only 1 will boot. The rest throw an error stating, "Failed to boot from device. Hit any key to reboot." Even when I perform a full format of the 1 drive that does work and copy the files over again it still works. I've tried the same steps with the other 7 without success.


I already opened a support ticket but any additional feedback from here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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