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SP2500 Headset and Sound Card


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Hi all, I am going to purchase the SP2500 speakers (don’t try to talk me out of it or recommend better ones), but I don’t know what sound card or headset to buy.


I will start off with the sound card. I am looking at the Creative Sound Blaster Z , Zx and ZxR. Do I need the audio module thing? Because doesn’t the SP2500 remote have volume control already? And what does the daughter board in the ZxR do? Does it improve sound quality, or does is it just a space waster? I am not an audiophile, but I do want the best sound possible. No budget.


Now, the headsets. Originally I was looking at buying a gaming headset, but after extensive research I found out how “gaming headset” is anotber way of saying crappy headphones and mic. I settled on the Sennheiser HD 958 headphones, with the Antlion Audio ModMic 5. Don’t tell me to get a proper mic, like a desktop one, because

1. Personally I find them ugly

2. I don’t like the idea of having a desktop mic or boom arm in the corner of my eyes at anytime

And 3. I have limited desk space.


Then I found out the SP2500 has a “gaming headset” function, for all those crappy headsets. If it works, is it worth looking into another headset again like the Kingston HyperX Alpha? Or, could I stick with what I have currently chosen(headphones and modmic).


If I stick with my current setup, plug them into the SP2500 ( if it doesn’t have dual 3.5mm I can buy an dual-single 3.5mm adapter) and use the gaming headset function, will that make sound quality better or worse? If worse, should I just completely ignore this function?


Again, If I stick with my current setup is it worth plugging them straight into my PC, or the SP2500, or the Z/Zx/ZxR soundcard?


I am a complete noob at this stuff and just want good quality for things like FPS, Flight Simulation, random other games and a fair bit of listening to music or watching youtube. Once again, I am sticking with the Corsair SP2500, I just need advice on sound cards and headsets. Oh, and since I have no budget don’t worry about trying to save me moneh unless necessary.



After doing more research, I am starting to wonder whether investing 2 or 3 hundred dollars is worth it, because I have heard certain users say that the Sound Blaster Z, Zx and ZxR are crap, and some $300 Asus card(I think it was an Asus ROG or STRIX or something like that) is so much better. I don’t care so much about price, I just want top notch aidio quality.


Edit 2: Some other good ones I found were the Asus Xonar Essence STX II, which seems to have really clear audio, and the Creative Sound Blaster AE5 Gaming sound card.


I noticed that the ZxR is on pretty much every top 10 list, but I keep seeing people complaining that the daughter board isn’t always in use. Firstly, what is the daughter board used for, and secondly, if it doesn’t always work is it worth the money?

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The SP2500s haven't been made in years, and I couldn't find them sold anywhere anymore. Your best bet is to find a different set of speakers.


Damn, I was really looking forward to these. What speakers do you recommend(2.1 only) for what I have listed above? No budget, but I would PREFER under $1000 unless it is really worth it.

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