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Crystal Series 460x & Commander Pro


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Apologies if this is in the wrong category. I have the Corsair 460x and just purchased the Commander Pro. This case is already tight on space and I'm wondering where anyone can recommend to install the Commander Pro. Bear in mind I can only just close the rear side panel at the moment as there is very limited room.


These are the only solutions I can think of:

  • Detach the 3x SSD bays on the rear, attach the C-Pro in its place and place SSD's in HDD tray using an adapter fitting
  • Place C-Pro in an empty HDD tray (Not the easiest to access cables in/out of the C-Pro)
  • Place on top of the PSU Shroud (on display and kinda ugly)


Any other options? What would you recommend? Thanks.

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Wow I didn't know you'd be able to add any connections to it after squeezing it into there.


I've now already ordered the Corsair HDD to 2x SSD mount to place my SSD in the HDD cage and the Commander Pro behind the mobo. Thanks for the response.

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