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I've been using this keyboard for less than a year, and this seemed to be the perfect keyboard that I was expecting to use for years to come. Yesterday, the thing went haywire and now any PC that I plug it into is telling me that it is malfunctioning.




In the middle of an online raid, all keys completely stop working. WERTFG keys are the only ones lit up, the MR key at the top is flashing and has a red glow. Pressing the button to change the light config just made the rest of the buttons flash, then turn off again. Tried plugging it into my laptop and there is no response from the keyboard whatsoever.



This morning, the keyboard does not even light up anymore, and the USB connection just warns me that the connection is malfunctioning.



If it matters, the BIOS mode was on (switch all the way to the left) for as long as I can remember.. (I do not see a "reset" switch anywhere on the keyboard.


Always use USB 3 ports. I tried plugging it into the extra USB 2 ports. Still nothing. This is absolutely absurd.

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