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Complete system freeze with Corsair Link


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just recently purchased 3-pack of LL120 RGB Corsair Fans (full kit, Lighing node pro and fan led hub) and wanted to use Corsair Link software to tune them. I already had Corsair Vengeance DDR4 White LED memory.

For some reason, Corsair Link (latest version from Corsair webpage) makes my system freeze. Completely. Even holding power button for 5 sec doesn't work. Only way to reboot is push PSU button for complete disconnect and wait until mobo loses it's power charges (i have RGB leds on mobo, so after they turn completely off). Hangs at random times, sometimes and hour sometimes two, sometimes less. The only thing worth mentioning is that PC is mostly freezing at idle or low loads (haven't had a freeze at benchmarking or gaming). Even freezes at just sitting idle at desktop with no load on components.


Software itself seems to operate fine, no errors on installation, found my components okay, shows correct temps, can change behavior of ram or fan leds.


The system is in my profile. updated win10, latest mobo bios and nvidia drivers. I also use Asus AI suite 3 (latest version) for fan profiling.

temps are fine (gpu high 70-s when hard gaming, cpu low 60s)


after uninstall, everything is back in order, no freezes any more. fans and LED work just fine, but at their default style.


PPS. i actually like their default RGB LED style (without software installed), why there isn't such a profile at default Corsair Link profile selection?


any "known issues" or can somebody share what can be the issue?

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i do use Asus AI Suite 3 with my ASUS RoG mobo and sure it does all kinds of background monitoring, voltages, clocks, fans etc. I also use it's fan profiling, so i have 2 profiles, silent idle and manageable gaming


i do have HWinfo64 installed, but not running and have used it only for benchmarking or when i had dome some changes.


i also have msi afterburner + rivatuner statistics active too to monitor my gpu and overlay usage in games.

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Actually ... I had another idea.


Let's start with Link. You can effectively disable Link's system monitoring closing Link and then going to the Link installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\CorsairLink4) and renaming cpuidsdk.dll to cpuidsdk.dl_. There's no need to rename the -64 version but you can if you like. Link will fail to load the cpuidsdk but it actually handles that quite gracefully.


Start Link. Note that you won't have any system monitoring values at all - no temps, no GPU, etc. You may not even have RAM control ... but your RAM is just white so that's not a problem.


You should see the Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) and be able to control your fans.


IF that works, then I think the conflict is between Riva and Link; I seem to recall something about that before.

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