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CUE2 issues not present on CUE1

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Hello, just a few things I wanted to bring up here:


1 - Advanced vs standard profiles: If I toggle between standard profiles, I cannot use advanced profiles and vice versa. I would think you should be able to have profiles with standard lighting and others with advanced lighting, and still be able to use all profiles right? However if I toggle to advanced, then the standard ones are all unlit. If I toggle to standard, the advanced ones no longer light up. I don't remember this problem with CUE1. Also if I have a game set to a profile, and it's an advanced lighting profile but I launch the game while on a standard lighting profile it does not show up. And vice versa and so on...


2 - Profile creation seems a little bit more trickier in the sense I can't select keys then asign colors on the fly. I have to go create a "lighting rule" then apply that to keys manually. I was able to create profiles on CUE1 a lot faster than on CUE2.


3 - When I leave my computer idling on a rainbow effect, it starts to "stutter" i.e. jumping from color to color versus a smooth transition blend. Once I return to my computer it fixes itself, but this looks ugly when I go AFK and look at my desktop sitting there stuttering through lighting effects (it's the same through my keyboard, mouse pad and mouse - they all do this on CUE2). Never had this problem on CUE1.


Just wanted to point out these things in case they haven't already been pointed out. I know CUE2 is a work in progress, but feedback is always good to help fix things right? Hopefully.

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1.) In CUE3, I have combined them together. Feedback for this has been well received and users will now be able to combine both types of lighting simultaneously. Also, standard effects will not play over the entire keyboard exclusively. You can actually select any group of keys to play the effect so you can finally have visor play from 1-0, for example.


2.) This is because profiles will contain (and towards the future continue to improve) on a great number of features.


3.) I don't see this issue but we can look into it. Of course, if you ask people on here, 50% will tell you that lighting should be off when youre AFK....


Thanks for the feedback though. Its always appreciated.

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3.) I don't see this issue but we can look into it. Of course, if you ask people on here, 50% will tell you that lighting should be off when you're AFK....


Hehe yeah definitely, different strokes for different folks. That does not make it easy for you guys with the scope creep.


I think choice is an ultimate option though, but I get the hardware is what it is for the time being, so like without the ability to cut the power line to the polaris it is not fixable.


Its not so much the waste of energy if no one is looking at it, it is just that sometimes I remote into the PC at home and then its like bugging my wife if she watches TV in the same room until I log back off shutting down or whatever because the Polaris is right at eye level from the couch where I'm setup now.


Then also if the other one is in demo mode during a meeting in my office it doesn't necessarily yield a professional aesthetic.


Also, Cue3 time-frame? Exciting stuff!

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Woah, super awesome Corsair James!!! And thanks hastegag for the reply as well.


Great to see regular concurrent updates and dedication to the software.


I totally get things don't always work as everyone else wants, and often there are people who want things to work way differently than the people engineering the software ever imagined, but that's ok! I'm just glad you guys are still working on things and sticking with it


As for the AFK settings, I am not sure? I use Windows 10, screensaver at 15 mins. My screens go off when I'm AFK anyways though. So, not sure why the laggy RGB lights on my mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and headset. What I meant when I said it goes away when I come back from AFK was when I come back and move the mouse or hit a key. I'm sure that was already known, but just clarifying in case. But yeah, never had that problem with the first original CUE software, weird stuff!


Who knows what it could be. Just glad the team is still working on everything and paying attention to us, I've become a huge fan of Corsair hardware


Thanks again for the responses!

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