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Custom PC desk Build question

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So I am going to be putting 6 Corsair LL 120 RGB fans in my desk along with corsair RGB strips. My concern is how far the cable runs are. Ideally i would think i would want to get a commander pro and mount it in the center of the desk underneath the motherboard and run all the fans to it since i have 3 fans on each side both approximately 30 inches from the center of the desk. Does corsair sell extension cables for both the LED cables and Fan cables so i can get everything to the commander pro and then to the motherboard. Also will a commander pro take care of all my needs since i am running 6 fans and also lighting strips am i going to have to run a separate lighting node pro to run the strips? Any help would be appreciated i am in construction of the desk still and want to order fans and radiators so i can lay a few things out and make fan hole cuts before it goes to pain in a few weeks.
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