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New Corsair One Pro Owner Looking for Tips for System Set-Up


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Hi All,

I just became an owner of a Corsair 1080Ti this week and I'm looking for suggestions on setting up this new PC.


So far I updated Windows, some drivers and, tried some benchmarks to ensure product quality.


I was wondering what other people do to prepare their desktops before getting into gaming? Have there been any hiccups new users should watch out for?

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Once you've benchmarked your system, recorded expected system temps while under load during the benchmarks, perhaps run a stress test, and if everything looks good, then other than your antivirus of choice, get to installing those games.


If you're using a DisplayPort connection, test with the topmost rear port. A few folks had some issues with it. Not everyone does. If you're using HDMI you should be fine.


Do note that you MUST have the Corsair ONE version of the Corsair LINK software running at all times. It runs as both a system service and an app, and it's necessary for regulating the Corsair ONE's heat management/fans.


Good luck, and good gaming :)



*optional, Windows Update didn't automatically install the Fall Creator's Update for me. It's something that may currently have to be chosen manually under Windows Update for the Corsair One Ti. It might be worth installing to make sure everything performs as expected under the latest version of Windows. As long as you don't delete the restore files, you should be able to revert back to your non-Fall Creator's Update version in case of a problem within 30 days.

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Personally I would leave the fall creators update.

It still slows a lot of games, particularly VR ones due to layering an interface between the graphics GPU and direct x.


Not sure when Microsoft will fix.


Otherwise as mentioned, benchmark and confirm stability, then if you want you can do a bit of overclocking. C1 can take 4.8mhz on CPU and a modest +150 core clock GPU OC.


Enjoy your fast system, hope it remains reliable for you.



Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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