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Used 2 RM Series Cables in RMX PSU. Will I be ok?


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Long story short, my friend had extra RM series cables which I thought would be okay with my RMX PSU. (We know where this is going)


I used: 1 SATA power cable, (at the time only hooked up to the corsair RGB nodes)

and 1 4x4 CPU power cable.


Upon flipping the PSU on, the RGB on the MOBO turned on. Hitting the power switch made something 'squeak.' But no boot, and the mobo lights remained on.


I thought I would try my cables instead, but first only replaced the 4x4. The 'squeak' went away but still no boot.


Unplugged the SATA power, and it booted right up. Everything appeared functional and the computer went into post. I turned it off and came here to ask.


As I am inexperienced am just checking that I will be okay to continue to use the parts I have after doing this, and of course know for next time.

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