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Store fan profile inside AX1200i wtihout CL4 runing?


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Is it possible to do this?

My AX1200i's fan doesn't start to spin until 500 or 600w load (I know this is by design)

My computer has really power hungry CPU and GPU (overclocked 7940x and 1080 ti)

I disabled EIST, C-state and other energy management stuffs; So the desktop idle power consumption is something like 210-250W


Since AX1200i doesn't spin the fan with "low" power consumption.

However with continuous 2xxW output and idle fan

AX1200i keep having 46-50C temp inside of the case.

I set a custom fan curve in CL4 at 700-1000rpm.

Even with 700rpm, AX1200i temp dropped to 23-26C. which is nice.


However seems the power supply doesn't apply the fan curve if CL4 is not running. So without running CL4, AX1200i idle the fan until around 600W consumption to start spinning the fan.

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If it's possible ... go to Options ... Devices and see if the AX1200i has a "Use current settings as default" link. If so, click it and it'll do it.


BTW ... my HX1200i does not have that. So I'm curious if its big brother does.


Doesn't have this option for AX1200i

Only have this option for H115i in setting->device menu

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