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CX850M Very loud fan noise


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Hi All,


I recently purchased a new CX850M psu for my pc , the issue i am experiencing is every time i start up a game the psu fan gets very very loud. i understand one should expect some noise while playing games from the psu but i have never encountered a psu that ramps up like this, while in normal operation like browsing the web or watching movies the psu is very quiet as expected but as soon as i play a game (even just in the main menu) the psu ramps up and causes a hell lot of noise . Just to clarify i have identified the following:


1.The PSU fan is 100% the cause of the noise( a lot louder than anything else in my case).

2.All the temps in my system are normal (CPU,system and GPU).

3.Tested 2 different GPU's with same result (RX580 8g and GTX 1080Ti).

4.Case fans doesn't ramp up as servery as the PSU fan.

5.I haven't encountered any other issues like blue screen etc.


My PC specs:


MSI H97 Gaming 3

12GB Kingston Hyper X

250GB Samsung EVO


Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti

i5 4690


Any advise on how to troubleshoot or resolve the issue would be appreciated.

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