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Not sure how to get support but my chair broken?


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I really would love some support with my new T1 chair.


I emailed you guys over a week ago at Corsair with no response, tweeted you 5 days ago with no response, cant create a support ticket as there is no option to for the T1 chair or obvious serial number location. I am feel a tad deflated from my first corsair purchase purely based on how customer support works.


The seat back mount covers for the left side (the one with the leaver) doesn't click into place? There are two provided in the box and neither work. I have tried genitally applying, using reasonable amount of pressure and straight up smacking the thing. In every instance it will only click on with 1 out 3 clips.


It doesn't affect the functionality but looks ugly and given the cost i expected better. Can someone please give me some support. A shred of humanity at Corsair would be amazing?

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In the support portal, select the HID (Keyboard/Mouse) product family, and then you'll see Gaming Furniture under Product Series. From there you'll be able to select your chair under part number. The serial number isn't needed to create a ticket.
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