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any plans on a HG series for the 10 Nvidia series cards?


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Are there any plans for a HG GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket for the Nvidia 10 series cards guys?


Got an EVGA 1080 SC (reference board).


I have a 570x case with a H100i v2 push/pull in the front for CPU. Currently saving for an eventual H150i Pro in its place. which leaves me with another question.


Will the H100i v2 used on a GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket (should you guys have one planned) reach up to the top of the 570x?. obviously the front of my case would be full with a glorious H150i Pro...

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An updated bracket would be nice. I do know that we use a modified bracket specifically for the CORSAIR ONE 1080/1080 Ti, but we do not currently have plans of releasing it as a standalone part as far as I'm aware. I'll ask around and see if we can do this if there's enough interest.


My rough guesstimate on whether or not an H100i v2 would reach the top of a 570x if installed on a GPU bracket is that it likely won't have enough tube length to make it.

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