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Corsair RGB LED Lighting PRO - Cutting, Soldering, Chaining

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Hi Guys,

I have three questions at once regarding the Corsair RGB LED Strips.


  1. Has anyone ever attempted to shorten the last strip in a chain by a few LEDs? I am about to put the strips in aluminum rails in which I cannot fold them or anything. So I may have to shorten the last strip in the chain. Can this be done without damage?
  2. What happens if I add a fifth strip to the chain? I currently only have one kit. But I am considering buying the expansion as well. I only need another strip (thus 5 in total) to fulfill my needs. It would be much easier to have 5 in a chain, compared to having 2+3 or 1+4.
  3. Last Question: Did anyone ever attempted to solder the strips together to get rid of those stupid connectors and bring the LEDs closer?


Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Have a nice day!

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Moin, sorry für die späte Antwort. War im Urlaub.

Ich hab sie nicht durchgeschnitten. War am Ende doch nicht nötig. Ich hab die Konnektoren aber abgeschnitten und die Strips zusammengelötet. Das hat super funktioniert.


Denk übrigens dran, dass man mit iCUE jetzt 6 Strips gleichzeitig ansteuern kann. Das hat mir persönlich sehr geholfen.

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