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Remap restart bug


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I'm currently using a Corsair Scimitar RGB with CUE v2.21.67 and am having issues with certain Actions being remapped on restart.


I currently have side buttons 9 and 12 remapped to Forward and Back buttons which save fine and are still mapped after a restart. If I remap any side button to a mouse double click the setting will only persist until I restart the computer where it resets itself to typing key A.


Steps I did to check that this was a bug was I exported the profile and tried to reimport it. On reimport the double click remapping was set back to typing key A (so I assume this is the default mapping).


I'm guessing it's some kind of bug in the (de)serializing of the json save file? I think this issue has only occured in some recent release too because when I initially got the mouse and started using CUE it worked fine.

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