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Hi guys,


this is my first post here.


I'm going to buy a K70 rapidfire RGB, and other Corsair devices, but for now let's focus on the Keyboard.


I installed CUE 2 to see a bit how it works, and I'd like know about more experienced users if I can or cannot Sync the Keyboard to the game (Heroes of the Storm), in order to:


- Shut down keys if relative ability is on cooldown (with cooldown automatically detected from the game, i hope);

- Set global effects on my keyboard which trigger by pressing Q,W or similar, only if the ability triggers in the game (so not if I press Q while chatting, or i get stunned before casting the ability);

- Other similar stuff may come in mind.


I saw in a video that it's possible for other games like Diablo 3, would know if it's possible with HotS too, or it's a dream.



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