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need replacement round doohickey keys (backlight brightness, key lock, group select)


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My K70 spent a little too long next to my wood stove, which partially melted some of its keys. I bought a replacement key cap set, which worked great. However, the set was missing those three little round doohickey keys on the very top of the keyboard (between the logo and the volume mute and roller). I pried them out and they are *slightly* distorted, enough that while they can sit inside the holes, they don't fit *through* the holes, so they can't actuate the switches.


To be very clear, I do *not* need normal key caps. The manual calls these "backlight brightness button" and "keyboard lock button" (and for some reason it doesn't name the third button which toggles between lighting groups).


Does anyone have a source for those little round doohickey button caps for me?


Thanks in advance.

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