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Of all the keyboards I've owned I would have to say the K70 RGB was my favorite. I've owned everything from Madcat to a 300 dollar razer, but nothing has felt as good as a K70 and how sensitive the keys are. However as I still do own a PS4 to be able to play with real life friends as well. My favorite game to play I happen to play on both PC and PS4, but for PC I did play competitively for awhile in ESL. An incredible benefit of PS4 or any console for that matter have over us is that they can creep because they have analog controls. This got me thinking, why hasn't anyone made an analog enabled keyboard yet? I did some looking around and came across this Aimpad . This keyboard blew my mind and I was almost sold on it until I saw it, It's just too big. I love my K70 because its compact and the keys feel amazing. Looking at this Aimpad keyboard and I can't help but feel if corsair made one it would be the greatest thing to happen to PC gaming since LAN parties weren't the only feasible way to play CSS with friends. The ability to walk slower in games like siege can make the difference between an enemy hearing you and not.




Would you like to see Corsair make analog keys that acted on a % basis of how far the key was pressed in so you could make precise movements instead of having to tap fast and hoping you don't move too little or too much.


I don't know how much or if at all anyone who could make a difference at Corsair checks the forums but maybe if this idea gets enough support then it would get considered at the very least.

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