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Regretting Buying a Scimitar


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I had a Razer Naga but needed a new gaming mouse so I bought a Corsair Scimitar ... and I am seriously regretting it at this moment.


I play an online MMORPG and use the keypad on the side of my mouse for my Macros.


First off, I was beyond annoyed that I have to program my mouse ... so I can use my in-game Macros.


But I can handle that - a few minutes of time to program the keypad buttons and that's it ... right?




Unless I'm running the CUE, my macros don't work - which means my in-game macros don't work - and on top of that, today they don't work even when I'm running the CUE!


I was getting some kind of error about the Macros and the program said to run the Repair Install, which I did but that didn't solve anything. So I uninstalled the program completely and reinstalled - nothing.


Changed USB ports - nothing.


And I'm just fed up.


I just wanted to buy a damn mouse with a side keypad that I could plug in and play.


I did not want to have to go back to college and get a Computer Science degree just so I could use a freaking mouse!

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So, didn't you have to run Razer software when you used the Razer mouse? All the buttons just somehow worked? I just figured for every item you install you install the software also.


I'm trying to get Microsoft or one of the companies to make some sort of unified programming or scripting language that can be built into Windows.. no need for Razer Synapse because I have a Razer keyboard, CUE because I have a Corsair headset, and Logitech's whatever because I have their mouse. One software to rule them all.

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