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Harpoon RGB scroll wheel broke!


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I haven't had this mouse very long and I was in the middle of Counter Strike when the scroll wheel broke. I want to say I've have this mouse less than 6 months and it's pretty sad to not last that long. Every other button works, even the click on the scroll wheel.


Has anyone else had this issue?


I want to open the mouse, but they never seem to go back together right or a little part falls out.

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I must say a pleasant surprise was opening the mouse and nothing fell out onto the floor *cough* Logite *cough*.


All of the buttons were securely held in place. It was also cleaner inside than I normally see when I open a mouse, which tells me the mouse is built well.


However, in the end the only thing I could do is remove a small thing of hair caught on the wheel. It did not help and I now have to go buy a new mouse.


I never understand why mice have click ratings for like so many clicks, yet every mouse I've owned it's either the scroll wheel or the scroll wheel click that fails.

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