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Audio/Program locks when switching From/To Playback devices (VOID USB)


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I am using a 2.1 speaker setup that is connected to the sound card of my desktop PC (3.5mm)


I also have Corsair VOID RGB (USB) Headset that is connected to the computer's front USB Port.


I sometimes want to switch playback devices (From/To speakers and headset)


Sometimes, when I switch between the two devices, my audio immediately stops , and the program that was playing some music / browser with a tab with audio playing - freezes.

I sometimes have to restart the browser or the music player in order for it to continue playing. And in tougher cases, it wont even start again and I have to restart the computer (I tried ending the tasks with task manager and relaunch them)


This happens relatively rarely, like once a day or once in a few days even, but it is not supposed to be like this and I want to solve it. I switch between audio devices quite often and this issue can happen any time!


I recently updated my audio drivers and updated CUE and whatever seems to be related to this problem. It just happened again!


Any help on this please?


Also, if I can not solve this issue, do you think getting a headset that is connected directly to the speakers, will not cause this issue?

Or maybe getting a Wireless headset?


If I have no choice and this continues, I will get a 3.5mm headset or a wireless headset (whatever you think will not cause this issue)




I just updated program (not firmware) because I found out there is a newer version

And I get NO sound at all in my headset, only in speakers :|



I uninstalled the latest CUE v2.21.67 and installed the older 2.19.65 and not I get sound again, but I assume the issue I mentioned above will still happen...


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Check Volume Mixer when you are trying to play audio. If the application does not appear, check the application's audio setting.


Unfortunately, i do not think there is really a solution to the freezes apart from closing the application, changing the default audio device and then re opening the application or check the application's settings and make sure its set to the default playback device.


If you have not done so already, put in a support ticket with Corsair and see whether they can provide any suggestions.


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Is this normal though? Does anyone who switches between 2 different Playback devices needs to mute all audio sources before switching from one device to the other?


And does this happen only with certain hardware, or headsets with USB, or with any type of connection?


If I unplug the USB every time instead of switching audio devices, will that not cause a freeze?


Im at a loss here... this also did not happen in the first few months using the headset. All drivers and windows updates are updated.


Anyone else with this problem?

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