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Get GPU LED 4 Pin working with Corsair Link


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anybody knows, how I can connect my gpu rgb (normal 4 Pin cable) and my ek d5 combo (also 4 pin cable) to corsair link? Both are 12V.

I have 3 node pros and 1 commander pro. But all have 3 pin, except the connectors for my LL RGB fans.


Would be cool, if anybody could give me an advise. I dont have rgb header on mainboard and controlling everything in corsair link would be awesome.


I already saw several threads here, but they didn´t helped me.

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You cannot control those from Link; the Link RGB LEDs are 5V and fully addressable. Your "normal" 4 pin cable is an RGB 5050 cable, not addressable and, as you noted, 12V. So, unfortunately, at this time, there's no path between here and there.

From what I've seen, these 5050 cables were the first wave of RGB to hit. Now, motherboards are starting to come with addressable RGB headers that, like the Corsair RGB, are 5V ... and I'd bet 5050 gets dropped in a generation or two at most. Unfortunately, there's no standard, no consortium, no order to the chaos of the RGB ecosystem right now.

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