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Ok, another "can't login to support" problem. Guys, what happened over there?


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I think as part of your password consolidation effort, someone may have borked the database.


As many others have complained, I also cannot login to support. Nor can I create an account because my login address is used, along with my user name.


Did you guys lock my account for some reason?


I suspect/am worried that I may soon not be able to login to the forum to ask for help as well.


Can a rep please fix this?


I'd give my login info here, but I think you have it from this forum ID, no?



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Nothing's "borked". Please read the instructions on the main page to CLAIM your support account.


Yes, but I don't have a support account according to the claiming page, and when I try to create one it says that my email address was taken.


This is what I mean. Aren't you allowing the same email address as used in the forums? Wasn't that all the point about you guys consolidating the logins?

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