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Problem of led lights circulation with synchronized turn


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hi guys !


i've a question and problem. you can see below parts of our pc.


-corsair commander pro

-corsair lighting node pro * 2

-RGB LED Lighting Strip *4

-Corsair LL 4*120MM and Corsair LL 2*140MM

-Corsair Sp Rgb 2*120MM

-Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan


so, i connected these lights like this:

-corsair lighting node pro >Corsair LL 4*120MM and Corsair LL 2*140MM (6 fans) + RGB LED Lighting Strip *4


-corsair lighting node pro>Corsair Sp Rgb 2*120MM+Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan


with this connection , i can use all Lighting mods without any problem. :D:


here is my problem, i do my setting about lights but when i do restart my pc all lights turning default mode.


after windows starts and works normal( still turning in default mode) but 5 seconds later(or start the program) it turns my setting is working again .


here is my question,

what can i do for fix this ?


(all equipments are updated)



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