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K70 Spiral Rainbow default with static color at System Startup


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I was having an issue where Spiral Rainbow was set for my default lighting effect and no keyboard lights at login screen.


I visited a few other threads here mostly unresolved & old to resolve my issue. Rather than post my workaround on each of those threads I thought I'd post it here for reference.


The process is simple

1st bring CUE to foreground by right clicking tray icon

the GUI should open with default see below


note K70 LUX RGB is highlighted



2nd now click LIGHTING EFFECTS

If you had set it to SPIRAL RAINBOW EFFECT earlier it will appear at the top of the list

Click the + sign and add a STATIC COLOR to the list

I chose RED but you can select whatever color you want here.

In any case your setup should look like the screen below



Close the app and anything else that's open and restart your PC.

Immediately you will notice the keyboard lit RED while restarting except for those moments where your UEFI bios is polling system devices and again when your UEFI hands it over to the the OS.

Most importantly your keyboard will be lit when attempting to login and at entering bios.

Once CUE has loaded again SPIRAL RAINBOW will initiate and take over for the static color you chose.


Hope this helps!

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