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Really disappointed with K65 RGB Lux keyboard


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[sINGAPORE] Earlier last year I purchased this keyboard and had it for a couple of months of usage until several keys' LEDs stopped working as they intended to. It started with 2 keys not showing other colours other than the red colour. It got worse after that as I gotten another 5 keys being stuck at the colour red. I thought it'd be fine if I'd just set all my keys to red but the affected keys are not just red, it's flickering which I got fed up and just RMA'ed after roughly 3 months of usage.


Had to make my way to the distributor centre and RMA'ed for a new one. I had it for a couple of weeks now, never opened it until today (I was using an old keyboard for awhile). New keyboards should work out of the box right? But nope. The spacebar wasn't working at all. I've tried soft resetting it by unplugging it and hold escape and then plugged it in back for 10~15 seconds but nope.


I can't even do a refund in my country where I bought it and now I have to suffer with sub par keyboard every time I'm gonna RMA it? Going to the distributor centre already takes half a day off of my busy schedule and I have to deal with this piece of crap hardware every time I opened up a new one?


0/10 will never buy a corsair keyboard ever.

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Two failed keyboards in a row is not typical, especially out of the box. What I would suggest doing is submitting an RMA directly with us so you don't have to drive out of your way to exchange the keyboard. You can do so through the site below, and one of our Technical Support staff can help you out:



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