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I want to know if you guys are working on any RAM modules with addressable RGB lighting

as I want RGB on my RAM which works with my other Corsair hardware to be individually addressable and all other companies I know of are doing this (besides Geil who just glued an RGB strip to their RAM modules as it has onboard switch for basic colours and uses motherboard RGB header cable to work like any regular RGB strip for software controlled colour changing). GSkill, Team Group and now Kingston have individually addressable RGB lighting on their RAM modules. I don't want to sync my RAM to my motherboard because then there is nothing else to sync it to besides RGB Strips for the most part. also with Corsair I can do Fans, Coolers and RGB Strips and when the "Sync It" software releases I can link it with all my peripherals too (my hardware consists of ONLY Corsair components besides MOBO/GPU/CPU/HDD and I use only Corsair peripherals)

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  • Corsair Employees

We don't discuss unreleased products unfortunately.


Individually addressable RGB lighting on DRAM presents a unique problem, especially considering the complexity involved in controlling it all through the SMBus.


That being said, if the industry seems to be heading in a certain direction, you can make your own assumptions on whether or not we're looking into it for future products.

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