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570X + H150i


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I'm looking for a little advice. I just got this case and am getting the H150i AIO. I also currently have a Fury X with included 120mm rad.


Currently I think I should do the following:


GPU rad on back exhaust, pushing air out.

H150i mounted behind the 570x's included front fans, push/pull, pulling air in.

2x140mm fans for the top, pulling air in.


1. Which fans would be the best for the top? I'm not set on pretty colours - performance+quietness is probably more important to me.


2. Is there actually a benefit to the push/pull in this scenerio? Or should I just rip out the 3 SP120 fans that come with the case and put 2 of them in the top and save the 3rd as a spare?


Thanks for your help.

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You are going to need to use the top fans for exhaust. You cannot force an entire case full of air through the 120mm radiator that can only move about 30 cfm when at 1500 rpm. The top fans will help move the waste heat from the H150i out of the case. You need to use the GPU radiator as exhaust as planned. You don't want to dump 45-50C air into the case for long a duration.


1) An AF140x2 is perfect for the top. Lots of choices here and this is not a fan you are going to push hard. It only needs to turn smoothly at low and medium speeds.


2) Yes, there is some benefit for the front intake application. The faster the fans go, the lesser the gain from the push-pull, but the opposite is true as the speed slows down. Using 6 should allow you to let them run at really low speeds (sub 1000 rpm) for non-maximal loads with no real loss in cooling. However, be aware the SP120 RGB fans cannot be controlled from the H150i since they are DC fans. You will need to connect them to board or other fan controller and work out some kind of effective system. As long as the two opposite sets of fans are reasonably close in RPM, it shouldn't be an issue. When they get too far apart you can get strange noises and sounds as one set become resistance for the other.


All that said, it's not like you will be taking a penalty for running a single set of 3x120 on the H150i. Even overclocked, the wattage on my 8700K is relatively low and my coolant delta about 6C with sub 1000 rpm fan speeds on a 280mm cooler. Theoretically, a 360 has a bit more surface area and would be slightly better. It might be prudent to to run it single sided and see how things go first before getting into the hassle of push pull. The temp difference is only going to be 1-2C. The value is being able to run really low fan speeds and reduced noise.

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Hey thanks for the help. It makes sense that I should exhaust from the top as well. I'll get the 2 AF140 for that.


I think I'll leave out the 3xSP120 altogether - it'll probably be overkill for me and it would be nice not having to deal with the potential noise issues. If I run into temp issues later on I'll try 'em out.



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