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Please let me Keep my Void unified trough profiles.


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I have an issue with how the profiles work in relation to the void.

As a person who hangs out on discord while playing diffenet games, there is a few issues.


The fact that the void cant be separate from other profiles leading to me beeing muted/unmuted at various points in my conversatioon, while, as an example, checking some boss strategies or something while on my second monitor.


In relation to that, both the "mic on/off" voice is terribly annoying, and so is the obnoxious beep that is its replacement.


Please, for the love of all that is holdy, let me get a checkbox or something to leave a periphial on a default profile, regardless of other things.


Disclamer: If there is such a setting, I could not find it.


Is there a way to at the very least replace the damned beep with an empty soundfile or something?:mad::mad:

Edit 2: It seems like deleting trhe soundfiles worked for that.

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I noticed this too, when switching profiles I will sometimes get the "Mic off, Mic On" sounds. It does get a little annoying but I also understand why it is an option, to be able to customize profiles with all Corsair devices. Maybe a good middle ground would be to have it by default remain on the default settings, with the option to manually toggle the ability to switch through each profile?


(Also didn't know you could customize the mic sounds, that is cool. Wonder if anyone has made custom sound packs for it...)

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