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Profile with alternative waves help

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Hi i'm trying to make a simple profile that has 3 waves and I dont know if im doing it right, I'm new to the CUE engine.


What i'm trying to do is make three waves come equally spaced time intervals from the left side of the keyboard over the course of 45 seconds. What i've done is make 3 identical waves with the colors being red, purple and yellow. I want the red wave to illuminate first at 15 seconds, followed by purple at 30 seconds, and yellow at 45 seconds.


So what i did was put the yellow wave layer on top with a lighting time of 45 seconds, a purple wave layer in the middle with a lighting time of 30 seconds, and a red wave layer on bottom with a lighting time of 15 seconds.


From this set up it seems to me that the waves seem very slightly off-sync (especially the red one). After enough time, the waves are no longer illuminating at equally spaced intervals and begin interfering with each other or seeming sporadic.


How can i achieve what i'm looking for? I just want equally spaced waves of different colors every 15 seconds really. First red, then purple, then yellow, then repeat.



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