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hello everyone,


i got all my LL FANS (6 of them, 120 X 4 , 140 X 2),


1. i connect them to all kind of fan connectors on the board.

2. connected the node pro the MB with usb link

3. connected the node to the rgb hub

4. connected both of them to sata power

5. connected all the fans to the rgb hub


when i start the comp only the fan that connect to the 1 in rgb hub is with led lights, the rest of the fans the rgb not working, all the fans are spinning.


i have checked every fan in position 1 in the rgb hub and they are all worked on position 1.


what is wrong? why when i connect them to the other spots they are not working with the rgb.


Thanks for help.

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sorry mate,


i didn't even enter to the comp,


but on the start they are no soupouse to work and to light on even if i hadn't configure them ?


You need to tell the device that they are there ... so, yeah, configure them in Link. They aren't detected. If you still have issues after that, let us know and we'll try to work through them.

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