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K95 rgb keyboard is failing! Help


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This is a copy paste from the ticket i made , there is no reply till now


So i had this product for around less than a year now .


The keys are pressing/registering twice (problem started 1 month ago), so i removed the keycap and put it again , and i noticed it has gone very soft feeling when putting back in.

Those keys that are working fine , when i take their keycap off and put them back in , they have a nice feel when you put them back in compared to the ones that are double registering.(edit:current day keys are randomly failing now/double pressed)


I am pretty sure its the keycap only , not the whole thing.(board)


6-9 keys caps are having this problem (i dont know how). (edit:nowmore keys are failing , problem seems to with more keys now as well.)


So if you can please tell me this is a known problem ? i have the NA version and if i can get replacement keycaps ?

It is very hard for me to do anything because of where i am (Pakistan).

Please guide me

I ordered this online through a vendor who bought it from Online us store and made his ways to get the product to me.


P.S TRIED changing polling rate from corsair software from 1000 to 500 to even lower doesnt works.


Waiting for reply from community .


I can also ask my guy to get me new key caps but i have to make sure the problem is with the caps only.



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