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This is my biggest purchase regret this 2017. Buying this K70 rgb lux. Horrible issue with key chattering. I think it is firmware because if do soft reset like holding the esc then reboot somehow the key chattering is reduced but some key still has it like on mine b and g key are consistently chattering. This keyboard is expensive but maintenance support is lacking. I had not receive a firmware update since I bought it. Doing an RMA in my country is too inconvenient. I wish I had found this forum before buying this keyboard..
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Without this software this keyboard will be useless even for browsing the internet. Unfortunately it does not work for games. In dota2 when I press a skill and it chatters, it end up casting to myself instead of my ally which is super annoying.


See how much it chatter.



Sad buy this year



The YouTube reviews are good and probably because reviewer have not used this keyboard long term. As a long term user, I highly recommend you stay away from this keyboard if you do not want your hard earn money wasted. I strongly believe it is software issue. No firmware update since I got this keyboard. Doing a soft reset will somehow lessen the chattering but it will comeback shortly after.

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