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LL140 cable routing + Lighting Node & Commander: Some questions.


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Heya. I've tried searching these forums (among other places) and couldn't seem to find anyone with my problem.


Well. Problems. Thought I'd make a thread.


1: As far as I can tell, I'm forced to orient the fans in a particular way within my case in order for certain RGB effects to work as intended (pong and sequential, for example).

This practically forces me to wedge the cables between the fans, which have next to no clearance whatsoever.


Is there any way around this via LINK? There didn't seem to be an option. Currently running


Or, perhaps, is this just my case causing the problem?


2: I've ordered a Commander Pro, as my particular motherboard did not have enough 4-pin fan headers, so I'm currently dealing with a jet engine on my desk due to no PWM control. Temps are great, though.


Anyway, I only have two USB headers on my motherboard. Will I be able to hook my Lighting Node Pro and pump (h100i v2) via USB to my Commander, and hook the Commander up to my motherboard?

Currently I'm sacrificing my front panel I/O USB ports for those two.

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1) Nope. There isn't a way around this. Cable routing and cable management is a big challenge once you start down the RGB road.

2) Yes, you can hook the LNP and pump to the USB headers on the Commander Pro and then hook the CoPro to your motherboard. That's exactly how I have my system configured (well ... kinda ... I have the CoPro connected to an internal USB hub because Asus has gotten stingy with internal USB Headers.)

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Bit of a bummer that LINK can't solve this, but thanks for clearing up the other issue.


Any problems that you might've encountered with passing multiple USB headers through your Commander that I should be aware of?


No, I haven't. However, there are some known issues with the AMD chipsets ... more specifically, when the CoPro is connected to an AsMedia USB header. I don't think that will impact you, however.

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