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K65 Rapidfire occasional key chatter, I think it may be dust, how do I clean?


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So I've been having key chatter on C and S for a few weeks now. I've had a keyboard with faulty keys before and this doesnt feel like it. This feels very occasional and doesnt happened all the time. In fact, just before I went on vacations in December I wrote an investigation for University of 9,000 thousand words and I can't recall a single key chatter. Then this started happening... It sounds like dust to me but despite the fact that i've had a mechanical keyboard for years now I'm not an expert and I really dont want to perform another RMA if it is not necessary.


I wanted to ask, how do you clean the keyboard? I know it can be cleaned with compressed air or alcohol, inside the switch, without removing anything but the keycap. Performing this avoids warranty in any way?


I live in a quite dusty area, 43 deegres celsius during summer. Nothing but concrete. A city of almost 1 million people. I take care of my thinks almost obsessively and I bought this Speed Switches because I like the fact that their activation point doesnt require any force.


So from my understanding switches can be faulty and have a lot of chattering or it can be caused because of dust, yes? How do I know which is my case? :bigeyes:


(I didnt get a single key chatter writing this or 9000 words but I can get it 4 times in a row in one paragraph).

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