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Corsair K55 RGB Startup Colour


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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just need some advice.


For some reason, after the firmware update on my K55 RGB keyboard, my startup colour on the keyboard is Purple. I changed and saved white to my M65 RGB mouse using CUE, but there is no save button available on my keyboard in CUE. Is there any way to change this to white.


I know this is a dumb problem to have, but all RGBs in my system starts up in White, this includes my Hue+ and AER fans except my keyboard.


Thanks in advance,


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Ok, some feedback.


When CUE is running the FN+number keys don't work. That made the manual useless. As soon as CUE is closed all the functionality of the keyboards manual came back.

Used FN+8 to cycle to white and now all is well with the world.



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