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Compatibility of ML120 RGB fans and CLCP?


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Hi guys,


I'm new to the whole Corsair scene so maybe this is a dumb question..


I have 2 RGB ML120 fans in my system and I just added a Commander Pro. It was my understanding that the Commander Pro could control both the fan speed and the RGB lighting of the ML120 fans.


However, the fans have two leads coming off of them, 1 is a 4 pin for PWM, the other is a 4 pin female (presumably for RGB). The Commander Pro has male connectors for "LED", but these are 3 pin and won't connect to the mystery 4 pin leads on the fans.


The CLCP seems to be controlling fan speed in Link correctly, but doesn't seem like it's able to control RGB with the current connections that I have established. Am I just really stupid? or does the $70 Corsair box that I got not enable me to control the lighting on my Corsair fans?


Thanks for your help,


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